The historical dance studio “Baltoji Pavana”

        The historical dance studio “Baltoji Pavana” was founded in 2003.
   The repertoire includes the renaissance dances and music. The company also has a separate programme including poetry of that time. “Baltoji Pavana” gives concerts wearing impressive and unique 15th – 16th century costumes.
   In 2004 this company took part in the Latin culture festival “Fundamentum Collegii” in Kraziai and Siauliai; they dance in different Lithuanian manors and churches. “Baltoji Pavana” gave concerts together with St. Christopher’s chamber orchestra (the leader of it is D. Katkus). A further cooperation programme is ready. “Baltoji pavana” is an active participant of regional events and festivals.





2011 Baltoji Pavana
Baltoji pavana